What is a hosted PBX?

With so many employees on the road or working remotely communication is more important and complex than ever before. Without a reliable hosted PBX provider you’ll lose money and potential customers.

Our Hosted PBX or VOIP PBX is a cloud-based communication system which gives you all of the features of a regular PBX system without the big chunky equipment. With AlphaIT, your communication service is more flexible, has more features, and is more cost-effective, no matter how many users you have. You get all of this and more while keeping your existing phone number for added convenience. Get a hosted PBX system service in Australia for your home or business:


VoIP PBX for Homes

Maximise your Internet connection and with a VoIP from Alpha IT Centre. With unlimited usage (no data capping) from our Fibre Optic, Ethernet, and ADSL+2 you’ll be connected via phone and Internet all day in a centralised service from Alpha. This way you get reliable connection and communication for a fraction of the cost. Say no to all the bulky and expensive equipment that comes with traditional telephony.

Have an existing Internet provider? Remember that with a highspeed connection from any other provider, 3G, 4G, or WiFi, you can make and receive calls for when you’re on the go and our VoIP for homes will still help you save. From mobile calls, to added services like callerID, voicemail, SMS, and conferencing,you can save up to 50% compared to your landline service.

VoIP PBX for Business

Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, we have the perfect telephony solutions for your business. Unlike most phone systems which are not only incredibly bulky but also incredibly expensive, the Alpha Telephony service helps you save on space and money! With AlphaIT, the only upfront costs you have are for the handsets, not other onsite PBX hardware required!

Apart from saving up on space and money with our easy and transportable handsets, this also gives you freedom to work anywhere and anytime! All that you need is a compatible Internet connection. If you ever move office or need to go telecommuting, all you have to do is take your phones, plug them in, and away you go!

Plans, Pricing, and Call Costs

To make choosing your options simple, all you need is to determine how many Incoming Numbers and Extensions you require.

We offer UNLIMITED CALL PLANS , SO NO TIMED CALLS – NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF CALLS, please contact us for a price. It is based on the number of concurrent calls at any one time with the ability .

We also offer the below option and will work with you to ensure we have the best solution for your business needs.

Incoming Numbers simply means how many phone numbers you want to advertise this is NOT the number of calls that can be made at one time, both incoming and outgoing calls at any one time are unlimited.

Extensions are an internal number given to your handset and this identifies your phone from others in the office.

Description Cost*
Incoming numbers $5.00 per number
Extension $7.00 per extension
*Charged monthly

Say no to expensive calls per minute! Unlike most providers, we charge per call or per 30 seconds. We’ve created a competitive call costs in this easy table with no hidden charges below.

Call Type Rate* Duration
Aus Local $0.12 Per Call
Aus National $0.12 Per Call
Aus 1300 $0.20 Per Call
Aus 1800 $0.00 Per Call
Aus Mobile $0.12 Per 30 Seconds
Virtual Fax $0.20 Per Call
Internal Call $0.00 Per Call
Emergency Call $0.00 Per Call
*Call charges are additional to your monthly fixed charges. International Call rates supplied on request.

Why Choose AlphaIT?

  • Businesses both big and small can easily add new phone handsets & phone numbers to their system at no additional cost
Latest Technology
  • Apart from Voice calls, you can also do Video calling.
  • Incoming and National calls are available across all Australian States
  • 24/7 Technical Support is provided FREE
Cost Effective & Convenient
  • Costs less than regular providers
  • No minimum call minutes/seconds
  • Monthly invoice provided via email and stored in your account portal