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Ethernet, Fibre, ADSL2+

From Ethernet to Fibre Optics, to ADSL, we can provide the right Internet connection plan for you. AlphaIT is a registered dealer of TPG, a leading provider of corporate grade broadband Internet solutions since 1997 in Australia. We, more than anyone, understand the importance of a stable and fast internet connection for both homes as well as businesses. Without proper connectivity, your communications, online-based tools, and your general business stops.

With AlphaIT, you’re assured of corporate grade networks to keep up with the increasing demands of today’s communication links. No matter what your needs, we can provide virtually any type of broadband to suit. Just give us a ring so we can help you work out which is the best set up for you:

Fibre Optic Broadband

This service deploys a fibre connection from your office location to the TPG network. The usage of pure glass allows for a rapid transfer of digital information through light, giving you high quality access to the Internet. We also offer unlimited usage, no shaping, and no data quota.

Key Benefits

  • Quality & Value for Money
    Our combination of high speed & high quality service at a competitive price delivers excellent value for money.

  • Reliability
    Comprehensive SLA with 99.9% availability.

  • Symmetrical 100Mbps Speed
    Through our high speed interface we can deliver 100Mbps symmetrical Internet speed to your business.

  • Unlimited Usage
    Hassle free Internet without the risk of excess charges.

Ehternet Broadband

This service deploys a dedicated copper data connection from your office location to the TPG network. Today’s multi copper wire technology allows for symmetrical quality of sending and receiving data via electric currents, giving you the same speed for both upload and download.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive Pricing
    With very competitive pricing, our goal is to provide fast and reliable service to boost the performance of your business applications at minimum cost.

  • Wide Coverage
    Available from over 400 changes in most major metros in Australia

  • Unlimited Internet
    No shaping or quota.

ADSL2+ Broadband

This service runs on your copper phone line connection from your office location to the TPG network. When your download needs are greater than your upload needs, this is the perfect service for you. Get this plan with unlimited usage and no data caps with AlphaIT.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive Pricing
    This is a very affordable ADSL2+ service for business customers looking for a value for money internet solution for their business

  • Superfast Speeds
    Enjoy download speeds up to 20Mbps* with TPG ADSL2+ including 20 email accounts and 30MB web space.

  • Unlimited Internet
    No shaping or quota so you can maximise your business opportunities.

Wireless Connections

AlphaIT and Cirrus have been delivering corporate grade wireless communications connectivity since 2009. We understand the increasing dependency that business customers place on their communications: when connectivity is lost, business stops. We understand that business customers run an increasing range of applications over their communications links – applications that place greater demands on the quality of those links. AlphaIT has designed business grade networks with these demands in mind. We are proud to provide these features: 24/7 support, link management and reporting A service level agreement committing to service performance High levels of network redundancy – and economical solutions for end customer redundancy AlphaIT’s corporate solutions are ideal for the delivery of Internet connectivity, but also for businesses requiring voice and data links between multiple sites.

Broadband Solutions

Stay connected 24/7 with a broadband solution ideal for your Internet or VPN needs. These are delivered over Cirrus’ own network infrastructure and integrated by our AlphaIT technicians in your existing network.

Voice Solutions

Apart from data solutions, we also provide separately or an integrated data and voice solutions. Give us a ring so we can build systems scaled to your current and future requirements.

Residential Complexes

Keep yourself and your guests connected! Available for all residential complexes, get broadband and voice services into short term (apartment housing) and long term accommodations (hotels and hostels).

Mobility Solutions

Business doesn’t stop when you go out of the office. Stay connected to your business no matter where you are with our 3G mobile data solutions. We’ll even tie it with your corporate VPN for your convenience.