Domain Services


DNS with us for $19.95 per year

House your domain name DNS with AlphaIT for only $19.95 per year with our clustered DNS name servers. We assure you 100% uptime guaranteed. And if you currently have a hosting service with AlphaIT, we’ll provide you this service for FREE.

If you want complete control your domain and website then this service is perfect for you. We have a fully automated DNS Hosting service that allows you to control your DNS records through existing domain management area. This give you full control to update, insert, or delete any of the values we hold for you domain. Get total control for your:

Domain Servers (A Records)
Domain Aliases (CNAME Records)
Mail Servers (MX Records)

Apart from full control, we also provide you with full support. Remember that at anytime you can contact our helpdesk to get one of our friendly technicians update entries for you.

What Is DNS?

DNS is the domain name system which translates human-friendly website addresses like into computer-friendly IP addresses like Every computer, web server, and networking device on the Internet has one of these numerical IP addresses. Name servers provide this DNS service to the public so people can find your website on the Internet.

Your domain name requires servers to function so a lot of IT companies “house” your domain names DNS for a set yearly fee.