With over 20 years of experience in designing and installing data and cabling systems, we can set up a network to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you only need a single data point or if your business requires a large data and phone network, AlphaIT is here to help. From standard phone cabling for homes and business, to CAT5e and CAT6 systems, to a data rack for your premises, we can supply the right hardware and systems to fit your requirements.

Home Wiring

You don’t have to stick with a standard phone service for your home. At AlphaIT, we can design and install a smart wiring solution with data LAN connection, enabled audio and video distribution, and expansion facilities for the future. More than your standard DSL and phone systems, you can also have remote CCTV monitoring via ADSL. If you already have ADSL, we can even configure a solution to use your existing service for your CCTV.

Business Wiring

What we can do with homes, we can do better for SMEs and large corporations. From data networking, to security CCTV, and more, our AlphaIT technicians can provide cabling and networking facilities for your security. Take note that all of our technicials ACA Cabling licences with full open registration so they can perform all kinds of structured cabling within your premises.