Data Services


If you are in need of a hub that would take care of all your physical, technical, and operational hosting, then look no further than AlphaIT. Our colocation services allow you to protect your business from potential losses in revenue by providing your network requirements without the hassle of purchasing, installing, and managing your own IT team, as you can leave all of that to us. AlphaIT is physically located in Brisbane, and we can assure you that our secure and controlled environment will provide continuous operation of your IT business.

Choose Your Plan

Up to 2 RU Space

(Shared Rack)


monthly (Setup $95.00)

1 Month contract

IPs Subnet /30, 1 useable IP

50 GB Monthly Transfer

2 RU Rack space

1 Ethernet port

1 Power port

Half Rack Space

(Semi Shared Rack)


monthly (Setup $250.00)

12 Month Contract

IPs Subnet /29, 5 useable IP

50 GB Monthly Transfer

Half Rack 21 RU

1 Ethernet port

7 Port Power Rail

Full Rack

(Co location)


monthly (Setup $550.00)

12 Month Contract

IPs Subnet /29, 5 useable IP

50 GB Monthly Transfer

Full 42 RU Rack

1 Ethernet port

Full Power Rail 10 and 15 amp

Range of features

  • Bandwidth (Exceeded monthly data transfer $2.50 per GB).
  • Speed of head office connections
  • Need to work from a remote location
  • Physical server security
  • Need to centralise data
  • Continuous and protected power supply to your equipment
  • Secure premises for your network environment
  • From complete rack rental to 1RU spaces
  • On-site technical support
  • 24×7 monitoring of your environment
  • Guaranteed service levels


Spare yourself some hassle by having AlphaIT manage your IT operations. Our privately owned data centre will locate your servers and storage systems, whether it’s remotely operated or fully managed by us. If you are looking for reliable connectivity options, uptime, and security, then look no further, as AlphaIT’s colocation is the answer. Our Cisco® powered core network can provide you with 99.95% uptime guarantee, as well as the data centre space to host your company’s required services. Aside from that, we can also provide you with physical servers or a virtualized platform to host your needed applications. We can help you by providing you with a fast and secure centralised data centre today!