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When it comes to the design of your computer networks, one size fits all packages just won’t do. Your home, SME, or large company should have a network designed specifically to your needs. Whether you need a centralized server connected to workstations with different tasks, or a network of computers with the same functions, we can design a network specifically for you:

Client Server

If you need a centralized server that stores files, email, web pages, applications, printer sharing, and the like, a Client/Server network is for you. This way your workstations can perform different tasks whilst all accessing the data from the server. Much like a wheel with a hub and spokes, the server works as a main hub with your workstations being the spokes.

Peer to Peer Server

While Client/Server networks are perfect for businesses which require more from the server, Peer to Peer networks are perfect for homes. If you only have one or two workstations serving small amounts of data or simple printer sharing, you don’t need a system with a wide topology or servers for large amounts of data.

Network Topology

A Network Topology is a diagram that describes the layout and structure of the network also showing the complete data flow.

A Network can be made up of a wired or wireless or both, wired is where all devices are joined by network cables, where the wireless the devices are joined by a WiFi network.

Networks can be listed in a number of different ways. The type of network can also be list according to the geographic area it spans. LAN (Local Area Network), for example, typically a network joining an Office, School or a Home, whereas WAN (Wide Area Network), reaches across cities, states, or even across the world. “The Internet is the world’s largest public WAN.”

Network Security

Security is a main concern for most businesses, to prevent unauthorized devices (not just computers but these days’ mobile devices etc) from joining a business network, most companies introduce a centralised log-in security system. Some of these server systems have this security feature built in. This require users to authenticate by entering passwords that are checked against a network security, and they also can check a device’s hardware and software configuration to verify it is authorized to join to network. Network administrators also usually set the network passwords of their employees to expire after a nominated time, forcing the users to change their passwords, which is intended to improve security. As part of the security user are set to have different levels of company access. Some users may only have access to the Internet and some may have access to basic company information without allowing those users full access to critical company data, where other users may have full access to even protected data on the server.

Alpha IT Network Design

Big or small, AlphaIT can design a network for your current and future needs.Whether your system requires a simply Local Area Network (LAN) for your office, school, or home, or a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect your business across cities or states, we can set it up for you. From calculation of costs, to network management, to procurement, to implementation, to installation of operating tools and software, we provide you with all the services so you can have optimal use of your network. No need to worry about network security as we can also build in security features like login and password authentication to your network as needed.