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Gone are the days when data backup was a security mess of several copies in different drives or devices. Today loss of data (and potential organisational and financial chaos) can be avoided with cloud-based disaster recovery plans. With AlphaIT, we can provide you with secure cloud backup for all of your important files so you never lose them no matter what happens in your physical office.

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Cloud backup, is backing up your data which involves sending a copy of the data over the public network to an off-site data server. These servers are usually hosted by a service provider specialising in Data Backup, who charge the customer a fee based on capacity, bandwidth and the number of users/computers being backed up. In most cases the off-site server has a proprietary setup, but the charge rate by these service providers is similar, all based on the amount of data stored and amount of data transferred per month.


Cloud backup systems are typically built around client software running on a schedule that backs up the data and is determined by the level of service the customer has purchased. If the customer has an offsite backup plan for daily backups, that would mean the client software would collect, compress, encrypt and transfer the data to the service provider’s servers at the set times. To reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to transfer the files, then it would be recommended to perform full backup then incremental backups then on. All of the above can be setup to be performed automatically without any manual intervention.


No extra hardware is required, for a full cloud backup system in regards to the client side. Alpha IT Centre is one of these services provider that can not only offer a full Cloud Backup solution but we offer more than the other providers because Alpha IT Centre offers a FREE advisory service to help plan the correct and complete backup plan also covering a complete disaster recovery plan. Please contact us now and get the right answers and the right plan that would suit your requirements. All data is stored locally in Brisbane. This is a must have for any offsite backup solution. *Please check to make sure your current ISP plan caters for your upload size before ordering.