Business Support


You can have the most sophisticated information and communication systems in the planet, but that means nothing without the proper management. While your systems can help your business to function effectively, people often overlook the need for regular diagnostics and maintenance.

At AlphaIT, we understand the importance of infrastructure to help our customers meet their organisational goals. We will provide not only the correct systems to suit your business, but also the management service to ensure that your ICT runs smoothly every time. Choose from one of our two types of monthly maintenance packages:

Preventative Maintenance

If you have a dynamic business with constant changes and additions, we offer preventive maintenance to make sure your systems are always in tip top shape. This package consists of regular checks and tests carried out on a monthly basis. These are all recorded in report regularly sent to you.

Adhoc/Fix Maintenance

If you don’t need a monthly check up for your systems, AlphaIT also offers Adhoc or Fix Maintenance to do checks as needed. We can set a number of hours as required by your business, with requests starting from one hour (and upwards) per month as ongoing maintenance.

Our maintenance packages include (but are not limited to):

Checking that your backups are working
Checking data integrity of your backups
Checking server and workstations for latest MS security patches & updates
Checking server logs for errors and performance issues
Checking if anti-virus definitions are up to date
Checking general network and security system health

After these tasks are completed, we will also check for any workstation and workflow related issues. We aim to provide IT infrastructure that runs at peak performance to help your business improve its workflow and efficiency. Call us at anytime if you see any irregularities with our services so we can identify and rectify the issues before they become problems. Give us a ring for scaling and pricing so we can create a package specifically for your business.