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Thawte® is a popular certificate authority that is recognized globally. Thawte is owned by VerSign Inc. It is one of the most reliable certificate authorities today. We recommend ThawteSSL 123 if you are looking for a popular, basic SSL certficate that starts at just $110.00 per year.

Comodo® Certificates are fast affordable entry level certificates which provide high levels of encryption at rock-bottom prices from $55.00 per year.
Comodo® is well-known for ensuring Identity Trust & Assurance on the Internet.

Serious about Security?

If you have a serious website, you need SSL. In today’s world, there are so many security threats that can result in a user’s personal data being stolen. These security holes have always existed, but now users are aware of them like never before and demand that they be fixed. They know that an SSL certificate is the best way to protect identity theft, and they will often refuse to do business with any site without it.


SSL certificates are well-known for their abilities to protect data. But their real value is much greater. Depending on what type of cheap SSL cert you choose, just displaying your credentials might even help increase your users’ trust. The reason is simple: there are three different kinds of validation, each involving a different degree of inspection of your company before an actual SSL cert is issued.


Domain level validation is the most basic type of cheap SSL certificate and includes little more than a check to ensure the domain you’re registering is actually yours. Organization validation goes a step beyond, checking more in-depth information about your company. The result is that they can promise more than just security to your users: they do the legwork to confirm your legitimacy, which leads users to trust your server with their personal information. Finally, extended validation goes even further. It involves a very in-depth examination of your business, which provides the highest degree of user trust.


Take a look at the features and benefits
included with every SSL certificate

Display the signs of protection
Show your customers that they can trust your site by displaying the secured site seal that come with each certificate.
Strong data encryption
All of our SSL certificates have highly secure data encryption and convert your data into virtually impenetrable code.
99.9% browser compatibility
Compatible with browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape, AOL.
Protect your customers
SSLs are a perfect way for you to protect your customers information

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